What I hope to achieve in 2019

In my last post, I wrote about what I did in 2018. It’s all great, but it’s over - there’s nothing more I can do. It’s already been 11 days into 2019 and 1/3 of January has passed in what feels like a split second. In the past couple of days, I’ve really been thinking about what I want to achieve in 2019. There are a few things that I really want to do, but since I sort of understand how much work it’s going to take, I’ve been hesitating whether I should commit or not.

First item that comes to my mind is CFA level 1. I told myself that I was done with studying once the GMAT was over, but I feel the need for additional studying. I’m especially interested in CFA because I sometimes feel like my name is short… But seriously, I want to have a fundamental understanding of how the Financial world operates thoroughly. Currently, although I know a few concepts here and there, I lack depth in my understanding and don’t fully grasp how each piece ties with others. Studying for CFA level 1 will really let me cover various topics at a good depth.

Yesterday, I talked to my coworker who recently passed level 2. He showed me the CFAI Curriculum books, and it was about 3,000 pages, consisting of 6 books… In other words, it’s not something I can cram for 2 months and be over with, because there’s SO much to study and you can only take the exam once a year (except level 1, which you can take twice, June/Dec). I know how much sacrifice I need to make to pass all level 3, and right now it’s too early to tell, but if I ever pass one, I’ll probably want to pass them all.

Committing to be a Charter Financial Analyst means exchanging the last spurt of my mid/late twenties with solitude, in exchange for (maybe) a better future. I still need to weigh the pros and cons, but no matter what, I think it does make sense to get at least level 1…

Next, I want to make YouTube videos. Topics could be Excel related or my life in America. I’m leaning towards the first option because even though there are a lot of Excel videos/resources online, there’s not many videos that are both entertaining and educational. My goal is to capture both aspects so that people can learn Excel while discovering how “enjoyable” it could be. I know that I need to work on my perseverance, so if I could make at least 50 videos this year regardless of how many views I get, I’d be very happy with the result. After all, I’ve spent lots of time developing a curriculum, so I might as well put it to a good use.

Lastly, it’s about transforming my personality bit by bit. I want to be more positive, because I believe in the positive feedback loop being positive brings. Gradually, I want to tip the scale to my favor so that the effect could compound and become a more positive person. Growing up, I used to be the most jovial person anywhere I went, but now my life issues have weighed on me. There’s no panacea - the only way is to change myself consistently, step by step.

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