As of today, I have about 11 days until I take the GMAT exam for the 3rd time. It has been draining my soul out of me like Dementors from Harry Potter. At this point in my life, I need a helpful mentor not the other.

On the GMAT side, things are going okay. I've been re-doing lots of problems and it worries me that I still get quite a lot of them wrong. Fortunately though I can see that my fundamentals have gotten stronger so I miss less of the 500-600/600-700 level questions. But tricky ones in 700-800 range are still getting me.

Some are stupid, careless mistakes, but others are the ones that you have 0 clue upon seeing the question for the first time, but when you look at the solution, they become so easy. I need to be able to have that insight on the test day. Can I?

I'll spend this Friday and weekend at work. What an exciting plan that's ahead of me!

Taeyang YouComment