On Body

These days I'm finally seeing some results of dieting and working out. Not a noticeable change, but a subtle affirmation that my body is changing infinitesimally but it is happening. 


I started doing barbell training, specifically focusing on Squats, Dead lifts and Bench Press. In addition to these main lifts, I've purchased dips bar from Amazon so that I can do dips and pull ups as ancillary exercises.

One major difference that happened is probably the fact that I'm lifting really heavy weights - both mentally and physically challenging. On my last working set, I'm face self doubts and have to literally push my limits.

At this point, my #'s aren't high. Here's what I've done last Monday, in lbs.

  • Squat: 175 (goes up by 10 lbs increments every time)

  • Deadlift: 205 (same)
  • Bench: 140 (goes up by 5)

I'm not following any particular routine, except I'm trying to do all three lifts within working days (M-F). I could follow Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" program, but I want to nail my forms before I do more strenuous lifts.


I've quit keto. That's just too extreme! Instead, I'm eating more consciously (i.e., watching my calories and limiting processed foods). I have to maintain caloric deficit (eating less calories than what my body burns) in order to gradually lose weight.

Sure it'll be a long journey, but undoing what I've done to my body for 25 years (27 years with Korean age accounting lol) will not happen overnight.

Anyways, I feel excited before I go to the gym these days which has never happened in my life. It's probably because I'm witnessing small changes and looking forward to bigger changes to come.

I'm wrapping my day up with a can of 312, always a great complement to any diet!


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