A human being is nothing but a dumb animal whose behaviors and thoughts dictated by emotions and recently, my hormones have stabilized and I feel much more stable nowadays. 

Obviously, things do get better with time, but recently, i got more interested in working out so I've been hitting the gym more often and actively researching about the human body.

Without getting too much into detail and spreading false information here are a few things I've learned.

  1. Never going to have abs if I don't change my eating habits.
  2. Consequently, went on "keto diet" for about three weeks where I've limited my carb intake very drastically. 
  3. Haven't lost much weight, but I do see a little bit of body fat loss.
  4. Started doing 3 compound exercises (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press)
  5. These exercises in particular Squat and Deadlift stimulate leg muscles which is by far the biggest muscle group in human body and it will lead my body to excrete more testosterone which in turn accelerates muscle growth.
  6. Also got dips bar and pull up bar and I learned that isolation exercises are not as efficient as compound exercises (at least at my current level -  novice)

I also stumbled upon this article that discussed the bullshit jobs - the jobs that add no positive value to this society.

One of the jobs were Hedge Fund/Private Equity CEOs and unfortunately, I can't help but agree with what he was saying.

I mean, if you really think about it the only positive outcome of these fields is investors greed being fulfilled and maybe a growth in asset but more often than not we see lots of funds winding down due to a huge loss..

Which made me think about what the point of going to a graduate school and studying for the GMAT is. Is taking on $200,000 debt to add no value to this society justified? Not much so from an investment point if you agree with the author of "Bullshit Jobs: A Theory", David Graeber...

But now that I've resumed studying for the GMAT, I want to end this. I'll take it one more time and see where it goes whether I pursue a MBA degree or not. 

So for the rest of summer, I'll heavily focus on 2 G's: GYM & GMAT


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