The Path Forward

Although I've been increasingly neglecting my blog, things are getting slightly better. 

Is it because the weather has cleared up finally (2 weeks of continuous rain can wreck havoc on my emotion) or i'm reaching a decision? I don't know. Maybe its a bit of both. 

So far, it seems like I'm going to go to Korea, unless there's a major obstacle or a sudden twist & turn. In fact, I've booked a one way flight ticket for 8/20, although I haven't paid yet (deadline is impending, 6/10) and I can cancel it at a little cost. I just have to finalize what will happen to my citizenship and green card. As of now, it looks like I will have to forfeit my citizenship, but if I have to give up my green card, I need to seriously reconsider this option. 

Assuming that I can apply for a re-entry permit and retain it for 2 years, I've effectively 2 mo. + 2 weeks of free time in front of me. I'm currently contemplating how to best use this time.

1. Apply for MBA?

One crazy option would retake the GMAT, and depending on the score I get, apply for the business school. I learned that the first round applications are due mid-September which leaves me ample time to study (I guess) and hopefully prepare for the applications. 

The schedule would be very demanding, and to be honest, I'm not sure where I'd get in even if I get 730+ on the GMAT. So this option, although very ambitious, remains iffy.

2. Stay Put?

Although less ideal, I can just go on about my daily life. Come back home, work on a small project, maybe teach Excel if I can, and read some books. But this is only a baseline. I want to think about some other, more fulfilling things I can do.

In any case, I want to write more often.

In fact, I just overheard something from the video that my dad was watching. The dude was arguing we need to write more. I also confess that the only reason I'm posting now is because I got guilt tripped by his message.

But in this society, engaging in a creative endeavor, whether it be writing or making videos is the easiest way to produce something, a.k.a, adding value to the society in one form or another. 

People think that making a Powerpoint presentation and building an intricate Excel model is adding value. I think otherwise. At best, maybe professionally, and that would be temporary. 

I firmly believe writing is an act of leaving the legacy in this world albeit trivial and I hope it serves me well in the future...



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