GMAT Attempt #3

So I decided to bite the bullet one more time and take the GMAT one last time. 

3rd time is the charm... screw that, I just need to get the score.

One good news is that the exam has gotten shorter, probably because lots of people were jumping ship and were taking the GRE instead. Consequently, they got rid of the experimental questions in which the test takers were used as guniea pigs (they had to pay $250 for the exam on top of that) to test the waters. 

Now the new GMAT has 31/36 questions, from 37/41, Q/V respectively. So it's a good news.

I just have to provision more time for studying and do some practice questions and exams. I hope I can be done with this by late July/early August although this may be a stretch.

Anyways, will keep posting on the progress gradually. 

Taeyang YouComment