Last night, some of my friends were drinking so I joined them because I did not want to stay at home on a Saturday night by myself. And I think it was my first time hanging out without drinking lol. 

Anyways, that's not the point. During our conversation, I shared what kind of quarter-life crisis I'm going through, and I've also shared that I'm thinking of going back to Korea to serve in the army. 

They obviously thought it was an awful idea and started offering their views. One guy is currently in Korea working, so he gave me a very realistic view of what's going to happen if I go.

Here are the sequence of events in short.

  1. Go have a fun for a few months.
  2. Work at the military. And given that it is one of the traditional, rigid organizations in Korea, chances of working in a flexible, open-minded environment where I can grow is very slim.
  3. Once I'm discharged I'll be 31 without having much of an edge (in dating/social status/whatever).

Versus if I were to stay in America

  1. Will very likely have acquired an MBA degree.
  2. Will be making 6 figures salary 
  3. Will be more "useful" in the job market if I were to go back to Korea or somewhere else (I still haven't figured out what the visa status though)

Also, the fact that I have to spend 4 years of my life in the military in order to do something doesn't sound very appealing. Objectively speaking if that were an investment, it's almost like having a 4-year lock-up period when the returns are minimal and the expected returns from there on is uncertain at best...

So I'm going back to the drawing board. One very appealing option is to apply for the MBA program for 2019 and see what happens. That means I'll have to go back to studying for the GMAT ugh, but we shall see how it turns out.


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