Korea Thoughts - Conditional Thinking

Recently, I had ran out of my motivation neurons so I've been away from writing. I've been trying to regain my "motivaines" so let's get back on the track.

Conditional Thinking

My mind is full of "if" statements. It always goes like this.

"If the weather is good, then I'm going to run"


"If I' feeling great, then I'll go ahead and complete the thing I needed to work on"

and on. So just like how "if" state ment is supposed to work, I only carry out the "then" part if the condition is met. Otherwise, the action part doesn't get carried out. 

So what did you do in Korea based on the if statement?

One of many ways how my behavior manifested this way of thinking was when I went to Hongdae to meet my cousins. Hongdae is one of the youngest and the liveliest part of Seoul. It's basically a college town on heroine. Imagine your typical college town scenery and multiply it by 50.

There's that many stores, that many things to do, and that many people. 

So we were just casually walking down the street and we ran into this clothing store called "M Playground". It sells a bunch of basic clothes with okay/good quality at a bargain. 

When I went there, I found some stuff I wanted to try on and eventually buy, but I ended up not putting them on, because of a simple reason.

I don't want to mess my hair, and I can come here again later

in if statement it would've looked like this

"If I'm more prepared for shopping (convenient clothes, no hairdo..), then I'll put these on and buy them"

But here, the first conditional hasn't been met so nothing happened.

Later, I realized how dumb it was. Eventually, I had to call my cousin who goes there and asked him to buy, but he didn't have a size, so we called a few times, and we had to face time, and I had to go to his house which cost me 2+ hours, on the very last day in Korea. 

So I learned a few things here. It seems like I can only learn from stupid mistakes... 

What did I learn?

First is do it while you can. If not now, then when? My laziness has cost me quite a lot. Even if I were going to go to hongdae again, it would have taken me ~ 2 hours. Regardless of how I were going to shop, it would've been at a loss.

Second, even though conditionals are easy to meet in Programming, it is not so in real life. So if I depend on that picky condition to be fulfilled, I won't be able to do a lot. After all, humans aren't a bunch of codes. There's a reason why AI can beat a professional go player, but can't navigate through obstacles. In order to surpass my limits and laziness, I need to overrule if statments in my mind and be a more conscious and rational human being. 



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