Finally in Korea!

So, after 6 years of U.S, I've finally made it to Korea. But I have to tell you, 13-hour long-haul intercontinental flight did feel like forever. I just don't know how flight attendants can do it so regularly. 

"Transition" wise, I eased into the cultural aspect almost instantaneously. Surprisingly many things resembled how they were back "home" (reverse cultural flow? lol) and since it's my home country, after all, I felt at home again. 

Physically though, it's a bit different story. I'm going through this massive jet lag (lol). It's 5 in the morning and I woke up naturally and am writing this post...

To note some of my observations so far, here are some thoughts:

Good Things

  1. You can walk to everywhere. It is almost like NYC, but even better. Retail places/entertainment spots are so concentrated that if you enter a block, you can do everything you want right there.
  2. Things are open late in general. Morning glory, a stationary store was open until 11 pm in the night. Weird that I went there and bought 2 pens, but even weirder that it is still open. 
  3. Coin Karaoke was a total culture shock and a very interesting business model. Instead of paying $40 ish for an hour of karaoke, you can pay $0.50 for a song in a very tiny booth (fits 3 people max). Essentially, it's diversifying the traffic in hopes of offsetting the big customers with a lot greater volume. 
  4. Convenient store. Literally 30 steps away from my apartment and I can buy nearly anything I want (they were selling a small Jagermeister... I'm done). Of course, the store is open 24/7.
  5. Flight attendants in Korean air are literally some of the prettiest people in the world.

some bad things

  1. Air quality. When first saw people wearing masks, I casually thought they were doing it more for fashion. I realized it may be out of necessity. Anywhere I've been to so far, the air is very dusty/unclear. It feels like there's fogs, but they are tiny dust particles. Last night when I wiped my face off with a cotton swab, I was surprised to find out that there's so much stuff on my face. Back "home" (idk which one's real home), I saw barely anything.
  2. No car. I guess I've spoiled myself over the past 2 years? The idea of taking a metro to go anywhere daunts me. I can't handle the inconvenience and the thought of detouring due to routes...
  3. Diry buildings. Buildings here are dirty and old unless you go to fancy parts of the city. I guess the rental income doesn't justify cleaning the building and there's enough traffic flow already? I learned that brick and mortar stores in America are actually very well maintained.
  4. I miss my mom.. lol!
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