Thoughts - 1st Week of March

Recently, I've had lots of thoughts in my mind.

1. Age

This is probably the most annoying thing that I set my mind on. I came to realize that I'm getting older and older. More than half of Olympic athletes were younger than me. I mean, Chloe Kim, who won an Olympic gold medal in women's half-pipe was born in 2000. I was born 8 years ahead of her and I don't have anything comparable...

It makes me think what I've accomplished and whether I'm supposed to be doing things this way. I used to think that everything will become better with time. These days, I'm learning more and more that it might not be, which is scary and time doesn't seem to be on my side. 

2. Work

Sort of related to #1, now that I'm 2 years into work, I feel like it's about the time to change. I want to work in the Finace industry. However, after talking to a few people who are in Finance (A portfolio manager, An EVP from buy-side, A senior economist at IMF), I feel like I won't likely be able to transition without getting an MBA, which is fine and I half knew that. 

But what worries me is "what will I do in the meantime?". Is working at a company full time the only answer before you go to a graduate school? What happens if I quit? Can I do something else more meaningful? Because I think there are a LOT more meaningful things in this world other than working for a company. But would I be able to make money off of that? That's another important mystery (Probably not). I just don't know when to make a move, and what kind.

3. Side Gig

As a side gig, I wanted to launch a YouTube Channel that teaches Excel, but I'm also confronting a lot of obstacles. 

First, there are so many videos out there already. With this much abundance of resource, who can I differentiate myself? 

Second, it will probably not make money. Consequently, I thought about teaching Excel to individuals and companies for about 2 hours. I need to design a course and make a PowerPoint. 

This sounds easy enough, but I have to start by making my own template, make about 150 slides of ppt, and start sourcing customers. As much as I want to get started, the amount of tasks that need to be completed beforehand is imposing a lot of pressure on me. Consequently, I've been putting it off and that frustrates me even more, and this feedback loop has been continuing on and on.


I need to retake the GMAT. 700 just won't cut it. sigh.

5. In general

General Lee speaking...


There are a lot of uncertainties with a lot fewer clues. I've been reaching out for help to different people and I get hints sometimes, but it's not enough. Why did I think once I graduate it'll be all good? It's only the beginning of more serious, headache inducing problmes.

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