Thoughts - 3rd Week of March

1. I learned that even more people are getting married. I feel like I'm truly aging. I even see some wrinkles on my face. Oh well.

2. I'm very vulnerable to stimulus (esp. notification), whether it's smartphones, videos. I need to learn how to better deal with it, aka, how not to react to it instantaneously.

3. 12 more days till I go to Korea. It feels like time has stopped!

4. I need to cut some more fat before I go to Korea. So I'm going to cut more carbs. Being Korean, it's almost impossible to cut it out entirely, but I'll try to eat less rice and snacks.

5. Need to finish Excelerator deck. It's taking some time quite frankly, but I'm getting closer, so let's get cranking.

6. I'm becoming more aware of my sources of frustration. Things like these subconsciously influence my behaviors. I need to think about how to overcome these so that I can stay more positive.

7. In terms of positivity, I need to be more positive. When I was young, I was much less negative and cynical. What happened to me? It's probably these frustrations that have subliminally changed me. I need to meditate/think more!

8. Should I go to church tomorrow? Still debating. I'm going to tell my brain to work on that while I am asleep. Let's see how good my subconsciousness is.

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