On Smartphone

What the hell

A few days ago, when I was working out at the gym, I saw something quite disturbing. 

No, there was no blood involved.

Instead, what I saw was three people in the jacuzzi, their entire body sunk under water while their arms were sticking out of the water so that they can be on their phones. 

There were 3 guys, and all three were doing the same thing.

I wish I had taken a picture, but oh well, I guess I'm quarantining that disturbing image to myself.


I talked to my friends about it, and some were very standoffish, and even understanding. They were bored, so they were on their phone. What's wrong with that? Would you be annoyed if they were reading a book or a newspaper?

The question (I'm talking about the later) is indeed fair. I would've been not annoyed if they were reading a book. People do that and have done that since there was water.

But what annoys me is the fact that these new technologies are enabling some questionable things.

Some technologies allow people to do things that were not possible. For instance aircraft. With planes flying all over the world, we can go to other countries in short amount of time. Yes, it is not cheap but we are willing to pay for the "value", and it is net value additive to our society (or so I believe).

On the other hand

I'm not sure whether this waterproof technology is doing the same. I assume that the technology was born out of the need for underwater filming and all. But was the imagery I saw at the gym what the innovators were envisioning? I'm just not sure about that. And I want to take a leap of faith and say it was probably not so.

I'm also guilty 

of excessive and uncontrolled use of smartphones. I'm a slave to dopamine and there's no other handy device that's capable of providing me with the right dose at the right time.

In fact, it's been tampering with my productivity and my life in general. I, to be honest with you, have difficulty focusing on one task for a long time. And I'm sure it is the case for most of the people.

I see more people walking with their heads down, looking at the screen. More than 70% of people eating by themselves are looking at their phones, instead of reading something.

I also wonder...

Who am I to pose these questions? Am I not a hypocrite? The unfortunate answer is yes, I also make same mistakes every day, and it is not even my problem that people are behaving this way. Because as far as I'm concerned, people have been looking at the world, adding value to the world through their computers, looking at their 17-inch monitors. 

But I don't think computers and smartphones are the right comparables. One is absolutely needed in this day and age, the other may be optional, at best. You decide which one is which.


Taeyang YouComment