Decision Time - Going to Korea!

For the first time in 6 years, I finally am going to Korea.

This also (partially) means that it took me about 6 years to make a decision. 

Yes it is difficult to go overseas when I'm working or when I'm a student, but this stems from the fact that I was just conforming to what I had. I didn't really venture or try to make an opportunity. Instead, I just put my life on cruise control and let it flow, aimlessly. 

This time, the decision was heavily influenced by my friends. A dude just came back from Korea and made a girlfriend there. He's going back again to see her for a week which is crazy. He's also telling his dad that he's going to Cali or Mexico, hence the duration. But isn't that initiative great?

Like some people say, love triumphs all.

Anyways, for me personally, it was very liberating. And it was liberating for a few reasons.

  1. I momentarily felt like I was in control of my life (i.e., I dictate where I go). I felt quite empowered, although its only a vacation.
  2. I also talked to my boss if I can borrow some PTO hours. Bringing that topic up wasn't the easiest thing ever nor was it as hard as asking for a raise, but I managed to do it, and he conceded. I wanted 40 hours, but he wanted slightly less, so we met at 20, although I might not even need them in the first place.
  3. Going to Korea... nuff said?
  4. #pyeongchang 2018
  5. I'm going to take this time to refresh my mind and think about what to do when I come back.
  6. I also want to go to Japan or Jeju island, two islands I've wanted to travel
  7. Screw work. YOLO right?

Looking forward to 3/30, which is only 18 days away. 

Let the count begin.

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