Back Again

So yeah I am guilty of being negligent with my blog.

I think what happened was that after taking the GMAT for the second time and getting an unsatisfactory result, I sort of got fed up with everything and let it go temporarily.

I don't know when I'm going to retake an exam, but for now, the plan is to take off from studying and work on something else (to be revealed soon). 

But to summarize my recent thoughts/changes here

  1. Started to hit the gym more regularly
  2. Went to Atlanta, GA over the long weekend
  3. Atlanta was okay, but not really surprising/different like L.A
  4. I realized I need to think more. Will write about this soon as well
  5. I am going to move downstairs to my basement so some more work has to be done
  6. Need to change how I project my voice. I realized I tend to murmur towards the end
  7. Blog again is really fun!

So yeah, I think I need to be more disciplined about posting on my blog. Maybe make a rule in which I have to post at least twice in a week. I don't want to force myself to do something that I started as a hobby, but that should at least get me a back into having a good cadence.

See ya!

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