Application Season

I thought I’d be done with application for good when I submitted my last college app. Little did I know that I had a few more coming and this time, it’s even tougher.

Thinking positively, it’s a bit better now, because I have more clue on what to do. Or so do I think. Every time I show my essay, I get back their honest feedback which at times can be harsh. I’m in general very good at taking someone else’s criticisms - I have a gift of not flinching, not becoming emotional most of the times. But sometimes, yes it hurts and it feels like my writing is just really bad.

I thought I had improved a lot over the span of 8 years. Read a lot more compared to what I had in 2011, writing a blog but I came to a conclusion that it takes a whole lot more.

Makes me think if I should take a writing course, not just for the apps, but for myself. I want to write a vivid prose, just like what I read recently.


The pieces talks about ajumma - you’ll know what that means once you read the article - and she describes it really intimately. I wish I could write that for my apps!

Anyways, just thought I’d share what was going on my mind amidst the application process that feels like eternity!

Taeyang YouComment