Year-end Reflections

I can’t believe we are here already! At the beginning of the year, the fact that I’d be living in 2018 felt weird, but now we are only a few days until 2019. It’s always a strange feeling to put down the new year when I write dates.

2018 has been a year of maturity - and you only mature when you go through difficult circumstances. I now gratefully realize how careless and naive I had been in 2016 and 2017. I’ll start off with some key reflections/lessons I I learned in 2018.

  • I think this year I really felt how the learning curve/risk-reward curves are demonstrated in all walks of life. In whatever I do, the improvement curve is always exponential in the beginning. As you start something, you get better at it relatively quickly, which is shown by the steep acceleration. As for me personally, I think I have a talent of picking things up quicker than normal people and I get better at things than normal people in the shorter time span. But as soon as I enter Plateau region, I give up because I no longer get the satisfaction because the ratio of improvement/time becomes less than 1 (or falls precipitously) and my body can not tolerate the boredom, a gradual process of improvement. But this year, through the GMAT/application and working out, I learned that to really become proficient at something, you need to persevere through the last part of the curve. That’s how masters are made - they worked their way through the homestretch.

  • Got to think about what I really wanted to do. This has been augmented further by the business school applications. Right now, I’m pretty sure I want to get into Finance. My experiences at Intelsat, how the stock fluctuated from $10 to less than $2 to almost $40, and how the mood and what we can do at work have dramatically shifted along the journey really did ignite my interest in learning about the equities. To me, it almost seems self fulfilling. As the stock goes down, employees lose the morale, it becomes hard to acquire financing (higher interest rates), our projects can’t be completed without money, and this vicious cycle repeats itself. Or vice versa can happen in which the vicious cycle propels the company forward. Having seen both ups and downs, I’m really interested in the relationship between the stock market and companies as well as how the industry will change with the introduction of new technologies because it is changing at a lightning speed. One of the proudest moments of the year was witnessing the successful launch and landing of SpaceX’s falcon heavy rocket, and being able to say that we use SpaceX to launch our satellites (IS-35e ha!)

  • Identified some areas for improvement/things I want to do

    • Personally, I haven’t been steady with writing diaries on this website. I want to be more steady with this because I realized how much improvement my writing skills need. Overall I want to enhance my word choice - widen the range of vocabularies used and make the prose more vivid. That only comes with practice and a lot of reading. Instead of reading only Finance related books, I plan to pick up some books on essays/writing.

    • Maybe a YouTube channel? I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, and I don’t like only being a consumer because there were times I was excited about making videos. Previously, I made some Excel videos but I had to give up due to studying, maybe I can continue on that. I believe setting a goal of making 30 videos before I quit will help me stay on course and push through the aforementioned boredom that I normally get.

    • Going to get back to DJing. I miss the thrills/goosebumps that I get playing in front of audience!!! Plan for at least 4 uploads on SoundCloud.

    • Certificates

      • I’ve been thinking CFA exams, just to get a more thorough background in Finance. I plan to take the level 1 exam on June 2019 and think it’ll take me about 2-3 months to prep. With some leeway I have, maybe it’ll be a good idea to pass the US patent bar because my dad has been nagging me for 3+ years?

    • Other

      • Keep on hitting the gym more regularly. I’ve bulked up so much that everybody tells me I got fat these days. Will need to trim a bit down and get ready for Spring/Summer…

I’m excited about the progress I’ll get to make in 2019 and hopefully it’ll be a year where I my plans come to fruition. And as promised, I’ll write more often! I think this has been the longest stretch in keeping my website - partly because I’ve been paying monthly subscription fees to Squarespace duely. Surely paying does wonders.

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