1 Year Anniversary

Exactly 1 year ago

(-1 day), I took my first GMAT exam ever. To be exact, it was on 11/25/2017. Here’s what was going in my mind after the exam (link) My plan was to take it before the exam, and celebrate the success and my birthday at the same time. Little did I know it was the beginning of probably the toughest year (in terms of studying), in my life, trying to conquer the GMAT exam.

It’s been a good year thinking back. I learned how much it takes to push my boundaries - a lot. These days, I’m drafting essays for business school applications. I wasn’t planning on applying this year, but I’ve changed my mind. Most of schools have Jan 2019 as the Round 2 deadline. I’m probably going to apply to 2 schools and see what happen.

The end of GMAT wasn’t the end of all my struggles. The essays are even worse because there’s no answer. I don’t have an objective measure to gauge how well I’m doing, until I hear back from schools.

For Columbia, which is my dream school, the acceptance rate is about 16%. So 1 out 6 students who apply get in. If you look at that way, yeah the chances are grim. But somebody else told me to look at another way. It’s 50/50 between me vs. Columbia. Either I get in or I don’t. And I like that approach. It already feels like the odds have gone up by 3x. The key is staying positive, and thinking that it can happen. Time for some inner peace!

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