Done with the GMAT


I’m finally done with the GMAT. It’s been a long battle. Lots of frustration, and a good dose of humble reminders on my learning abilities.

This is probably the first time in my life when I worked really really hard to get the result I wanted. I mean it would’ve been better if I had gotten 750, but I’m still very happy with 740. It almost feels surreal because I know I have put in the hard work.

For nearly half of 2018, I’ve spent my evening studying at work by myself. I saw the office cleaners everyday that we began to say hello. I was probably the last one leaving the office. Do that for a few months without a company and its going to feel lonely.

As much as I’m content about my score, I’m happy that I don’t have to do any more of that, at least for a while. I get to finally have evening to myself. Maybe I’ll start watching a movie every day after work with my AMC A-list Stubs. Maybe I’ll hone in on my basketball skills.

Whatever that is, the future laying ahead of me is bright for now.

Taeyang YouComment