Burning fat is so hard

So I've been (surprisingly) consistently going to the gym these days. 

In addition to getting bigger, I wanted to get slimmer so I've been doing cardio for about 30 minutes after workout. 

Every time I'm on a treadmill, I realize burning fat is so hard. Philosophically speaking, changing the status quo that has been maintained for the past 25 years requires a lot of work. I sometimes hate myself for neglecting my body and for gaining all these fat that's seemingly impossible to get rid of. 

At the same time, I have respect towards people at the gym. They are all in a better shape than I am. They've probably been hitting the gym for a much longer time too. As I see a bunch of dedicated people, I remind myself that I should be one of them. It's a great source of inspiration for me.

As I go through this struggle, I'm also making some positive changes to my diet. I'm consciously cutting carbs and adding more protein. Changes need to be made if I am to change. Sigh...

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