The Effort Multiplier

Continuing from the previous post.

Let's assume our general reader has taken a college linear algebra class and understands that a variable multiplied by a constant = constant * variable. Put another way, if you multiply five and x, you get 5x. Five times the x. If you put this on a graph, it seems like this. The higher the multipler, the steeper the slope.


Why am I writing about this?

It's because all aspects of my life are limited by the multipler. This multiplier is called effort, and it's time spent x quality.

So to put this in a simple equation.

Life =  effort x any activity 

Effort = time spent x quality

Quality = putting up with shit when you want to quit

Life = putting up with shit when you want to quit x time spent x any activity q.e.d (lol)

When I thought about my life I realized I'm always at 70% level in terms of skillfulness.

Better than most other people, but not the best. 

Jack of all trades or master of none.

And it was literally true for everything. Djing. Computer games. Basketball. Excel. Productivity. Fashion. English. Writing...

I've always had a very bad habit that many other people do. When a challenging part comes during any activity, I don't bother to face and try to understand. Instead, I remind myself I'll come back to it later and then move on, only to never ever come back to that part (mostly). 

Again, happens everywhere. While studying for Physics, I encounter a part that's difficult (at the first glance). Fight or flight mechanism kicks in. I don't fight. I run away. For basketball, I still can't shoot 3s. When the time comes to practice that, I go home, thinking next time I do that, it'll be easier.

This has been happening for 24 years. And that exactly shows where I am and why. 

I think the most important part of improving myself, my life is to put up with shit. When that shitty feeling happens, I shouldn't just avoid. I should understand what's coming and remind myself that I need to endure that. Only after the struggle is over, there's an achievement. 

Now that I know, I want to and I need to deal with the uncomfortable feeling. But it's hard. If I think about the amount of suffering I have to go through, it's daunting. At the same time, I don't want to repeat the same mistake I've been making for 24 years for the remainder of my life.

That means, when I close my laptop, I need to go back to studying the GMAT.

That means I want to keep on writing some random things so that I don't have to finish writing this.

That means, I need to wrap this up ASAP, deal with it and go hit the book.

Good bye people.

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