What I learned from watching a DJ from YouTube

Last night, I got very drunk. Thus, I had some realizations while thinking about my life and watching DJ craze killin it on YouTube.

Just watching him perform was a crazy experience in and of itself. When he's scratching, his hands were quicker than what eyes can follow. And the amount of thought he has given to the set is also stunning. You should definitely check the video out to see what I mean. There's no other better way to explain how I felt last night watching that video. 

I've sidetracked a little bit. This post isn't to compliment how cool DJ Craze is. It's about the amount of time and effort to I need to put to be in that position. Not the one sitting on the couch watching somebody else, but a guy who one aspires to be. 

As you watch the video, you can feel how much effort he must've put in DJing. You could call it art because it's that good. He must've spent thousands of hours practicing that. I just wikied him and he's the only person to have won DMC World Championship three times consecutively.

So got that? He did a lot of work to get to that point.

And then I tried to see myself from another person's perspective, or just from a 3rd person perspective in general. 

I saw a lot of my shortcomings and concluded that I'd always going to be like that unless I change myself, gradually and with purpose. So far I've been lacking that effort. At the same time, I was able to come up with multiple examples of me in my life that demonstrates why I won't ever get there (in status quo).

Shifting gears a little bit. 

Let's talk about race. More specifically, Fobs and Twinkies. 


Fob stands for fresh off the boat. So a fob is a person who came to America recently.

Twinkie is a person who's yellow outside (Asian) but white inside. More formally, it's known as a 2nd generation immigrant. 

(FYI these could be derogatory terms so don't use them in front of an Asian person you've just  met).

Yesterday, I was talking to Andy.  We were talking how fobs and twinkies look really different although they have very similar heritage (Korean parents). He told me that they look different due to the language they use. Twinkies use English which requires a person to use a wide range of facial muscles compared to Korean and that results in different appearance. 

I thought this was a very interesting theory indeed. It explained why I have an accent in my English, something that I'm not a huge fan of. So far, I thought I'm bound to live it with as I'm a person overseas who grew up not speaking English. But then, if Andy's theory was right, it means that I can actually overcome my accent by developing these proper muscles. 

But the fact that I still retain my accent is that I haven't been putting in more effort. If I were to guess, I'd say my English is about 60% of native speakers. So I'm missing 40% of "fluency" due to the lack of effort.

And then I started thinking is that issue only native to my English? or is that also demonstrated somewhere else? 

Unfortunately, the latter was the case.

Then I thought about my body. 

I've been hitting the gym recently more often than not, but my body hasn't dramatically improved. Meaning I have some muscles, but I still do have a lot of chubs, and currently, I look like a boy, not a man. Why is that? I wondered. And It's because I've been not putting enough effort in working out (like adding cardio to burn fat) and eating well (less carb, more protein). I've been making that effort, but not at 100% level. I put in 60% and thought eventually I'll get there with time.

But at my age of 24, things have been same throughout time. Time hasn't solved much. In other words, waiting didn't do much good to my favor. DJ Craze is 15 years older than me. At my current effort level, I wouldn't be anywhere near DJ Craze in 15 years. Unfortunately, I know that for sure.

I realized I have a lot of shortcomings and a lot of things I wanted to change. I'm not at the level I imagined to be. I'm not the person who I want to be now. Now that looks really depressing, right? But no, this time I'm very optimistic and I know how I could change gradually.

I just have to put up with things I don't want to do and do it. And then I should refrain from easy, simple things I do it without giving a second thought. 

This sounds so easy to say but is very difficult to put in action. The former includes simple things such as cleaning up my house and doing the laundry. The latter entails trivial things like not eating a piece of chocolate when I so crave. 

So what's gonna happen from now? 

Well, I'd first have to develop a habit of enunciating further. Fully using all the muscles on my face in order to slowly get rid of my accent that's been fixated for so long. And then I'd have to hit the gym harder, more regularly and exercise more. Cut out bad foods that are always so tempting and delicious. Work on stuff that I've been putting away because they are boring and hard.

Only time will tell if I had followed through what I "learned" overnight. And I know that time doesn't solve any problems so it's time to get my ass movin`




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