New York City Again

This past weekend, I went to NYC again. My college roommate is on a post-graduation U.S trip so he visited Virginia and accompanied me to this trip. 

We stayed at Andy's friend's place in Brooklyn. It was one of those high rises fully covered in the glass window. The rent was obviously pricey. Dude was paying $3000 a month for a less than a 500 sqft. studio.

But I'd say everything was worth it at least for me. It was everything that I've been dreaming for. Hardwood floor, Silver appliances, and W&D in a unit. Plus the studio was overlooking the bigger Brooklyn area. At night, I realized we could also see the statue of liberty which blew my mind away.

The apartment also had a lounge where people can relax, overlooking Manhattan. Just imagine reading your favorite book, sipping coffee while enjoying a Million dollar view. What? You can't focus on reading? who cares. I'm pretty sure if you've seen that view you wouldn't..!

At night, a very interesting thing happened. 

So the apartment has 4 elevators and one elevator is dedicated as a cargo elevator. Since it's a special elevator, it had a button that others didn't have. I don't recall what that button was called, but something above PH level. So Andy and I thought we'd just venture and see what happens.

We pressed the button, which led to a stairwell. We climbed up the stairs which led to a chamber. And there were two doors. We wanted to see if that could be opened. It did. So we walked out to the very top of the apartment building and the view was even better than that I had from the lounge level.

Knowing that, at night before we went out, we grabbed glasses of wine and walked up. And we drank there, looking at the night view of Manhattan. It was truly stunning. It was literally what I'd been dreaming for such a long time, but something that I knew wouldn't happen for a while. But it happened! right there! I won't forget that night and the view, ever.

Anyways I learned a few things from this trip.

  1. You can make a lot of money even when you are young. And you don't have to live in a shit hole if you live in Manhattan (as long as you have $$$). The guy was 25. He was making >$200k...
  2. Always venture out and take risks. If we hadn't done that, we wouldn't have seen the view of our life. Even the tenant didn't know about the true PH. So always challenge our beliefs and always take an action.
  3. Friendship and loyalty are what you make of. these aren't some things that are given to you and stay forever without changing.
  4. I need to move to NYC ASAP. Screw Cali.
  5. At the same time, I have to figure out how to make a lot of money to live comfortably in NYC.



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