Pep talk

This morning, I had a chance to talk to Jon. 

Jon is my mentor. He used to be my boss 2 years ago back when I was an intern at my current company. And I've been talking to him time to time when I have questions. He'd provide answers based on his experience which is invaluable..!

Today the topic has been the same: What am I going to do with my life.

Jon has been pushing me to the law school route. I told him that my dad has his customers and he thinks I'd be a good lawyer. Maybe? But I didn't like studying for patent bar (I know that's not the only route) and I didn't have a particular interest in law yet so I've been deferring that path.

Today I told him that I'd be interested in working in finance, especially HF/VC part. He told me that it's really really hard to get into. Good thing that I already knew about it so that I didn't give up instantly. But as I talked to him, I realized that I don't have detailed plan explanation of why I want to go that path. I told him that I've enjoyed reading finance books and watching finance movies and I realized that that may be where my interest is, but unfortunately that was a very shitty answer. It was too vague, and it didn't convey my interest succinctly.

So in addition to studying, I have to start thinking about why I really want to do this. I need this because when I get a new job and an interviewer asks me "so why finance?" I can't just mumble and tell them "I love watching finance movies!". No that's an instant out. So this chat with Jon today was a great wake up call. I think I have a long way to go, and this again affirms why having a mentor in a person's life is so important.

Taeyang You