This weekend, I went to NYC with my mom. This tradition has started last year when we decided to go to NYC out of the blue. Last time we went there it was so much fun so we thought we might as well do it again!

This time we did a bunch of activities and it was pretty sweet. NYC has never disappointed me except the time when I was at a club, approached a girl and she showed me a finger. I hope something bad happened to her haha. Just kidding. But really, that's rude. Anyways here are some things we did.

Day 1

  1. Finally saw WICKED. We first went to TKTS since Broadway musical tixs are always so expensive. But it didn't have anything appealing and for some reason my mom was completely hooked to Wicked (All her friends have seen them I must guess). So we went to the Gershwin theatre, asked for the price and the lady told us it is $169 each. My mom, after hesitating for 2.4 sec, bought tickets. So we watched the show which was pretty good. Last time I watched Chicago, we sat at the farthest right corner seat so there was blindspot. This time we had a great view. And this time I was able to understand the lyrics and their conversation mostly which was kinda cool.
  2. Went to Quality Meats. I found out about this restaurant through Google and booked a reservation at 6:30 to pleasantly surprise my mom. The plan was to go to UES and Central Park and on the way back, casually stop by at the restaurant and pretend nothing had happened, then boom. Reservation made under my name. But since we watched the musical, plans fell apart so I told her I had booked a place. The meat was really good, I saw a lot of couples (married too) on a date. The only troubling part was that the bill was $170. 
  3. Went to the Central Park - walked around. I learned that lots and lots of people smoke weed at the park.
  4. Met up with my middle school friend. It's been almost 6 years and the guy felt same! People say true friends aren't the ones that you meet everyday. They are the ones who don't feel different and awkward even after you haven't seen them for a long time.

Day 2

  1. Walked around. We found this amazing park that was literally in between buildings. It was a mini getaway from hustle and bustle of the city and this is exactly why NYC is so attractive. There are small things that make you feel like you are completely away from the craziness of the city.
  2. Had a dim sum lunch at Nom Wah Tea Parlor at Chinatown. Pretty legit, although the waiting was too long and the service was sub-par. Mom loved the food there.
  3. Bought a pair of sunglasses at Gentle Monster for $234 at SoHo. It was an unexpected pricey purchase, but I had to. The pair was too sexy to pass by.
  4. Drank a weird cold brew coffee that had ginseng, orange zest and white chocolate syrup in it. People are taking cold brew a notch up. Again, mom was in love with this.
  5. Walked around High Line park one more time. Although it wasn't as amazing as the last time we did (found about the park accidentally which completely blew our minds) it was still nice to hit the "trail" again.

I hope to do this with my mom again and again for a long time. The first time we did, I was having a first year at my current company. This time around, I felt like I've grown a lot more than before. We'll see what I feel like in about a year!

Taeyang You