Time is money?

(Disclaimer: I didn't do shit today after work and it feels bad)

Growing up, when any adults said something like "I don't have time/stop wasting my time/time is important", I never really understood them. I felt like time is there, you just have to use it! Don't blame me! We live in this great world! Think positively! 

Only recently I realized that time is actually pretty scarce.

I also had a conversation today with my coworker. She's at a manager level, so she's been working for a while. She also has a baby daughter who's about 3 years old. I told her that doing something after work has been quite challenging and she completely agreed as she always been saying "I have no time to do anything." Even when she was looking at a wall clock to hang on once she moves into the new house she told me she doesn't have any time to go to IKEA and look at different designs.

Okay, so the situation is a little bit better for me, at least for now. But it is still quite limited which is scary because I'm really working 40 hours a week. Although this is the "norm", I'm on a better side of the battle ground.

My typical day schedule looks like this.

8:15: Get up. Take a shower and get dressed up.

8:35: Leave for work. Takes about half an hour. Normally listen to feel good music on the way.

9:10: Arrive at work.

12:00: Lunch. Sometimes I can read, sometimes I hit the gym. Mostly I talk to my friends about random things, and they end up becoming a long debate/discussion.

1:00: get back to work.

6:00: time to wrap things up. I either hit the gym if I have the energy or just chill and read something.

7:30: Arrive at home and eat dinner.

8:30: Done eating, Chill/look at my phone/relax

9:00: I try to study around this time for GMAT/Finance/Other

10:00: Break

10:20: Get back to what I was doing

11:30: Feel pretty done for the day. Take shower and get ready to go to bed

12:00: Read my kindle before I fall asleep. Normally takes about half an hour. Actually just took a shower and came back. Current time is 12:14.

And this cycle repeats on weekdays. On weekends too, I've been following a similar sleep cycle. So my life has been pretty constant and it feels good. Yeah, I'm getting older. Aging sucks.

Anyways, the bottom line is that there's not that much time I get to spend for my own other than weekends. So it's really important to do meaningful things, efficiently. In other words, I need to do the most in the least amount of time. 

Well since I'm taking tomorrow off, I didn't do anything productive which is a complete irony of what I've written so far. But I was tired. So hopefully I feel rejuvenated over this long weekend and get the energy back.

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