What do you wanna do when you grow up?

Put it differently, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being one of the most common interview questions, this drives me nuts. It's probably also one of the most difficult questions to answer. If I say "I think I'll be in another company", I'd probably not get a job. Alternatively, if I say "I think I'll be working my ass off in this company (please get me a job I'll do whatever you guys ask me)." this is a blatant lie. Chances are, I really don't know and you know what? why don't you tell me interviewer? Do you think you'll be doing the exact same thing? Probably not!

But the value of that question is, do you have a roadmap of what your life's going to be in the future? My friend asked me that question today and I didn't have a crisp picture of how my life's going to progress. 

So I wrote out/drew what I have in my mind currently. I'm pretty sure things will look drastically different when I look back but it is still a pretty fun thing to do - imagining what'll happen to my life if everything goes as planned.

Here's what I came up with.


Let's start with what I'm doing today...

  • Today: I'm working at a satellite company. I mean, who knew I'd ever end up here upon graduation? I've always imagined myself becoming a patent lawyer because I've been guided that way by my parents. But somehow, I'm working at a Strategy/Planning group at a satellite company. A satellite company... What are the odds.
  • Soon after today: I'll probably switch soon to a different company which I have no clue on. I started with satellite, so what's up next? who knows. As long as it's not another satellite company I'll be okay! And I want to do something that's related to Finance and Strategy. Preferably a startup company where I can apply the skills I've developed so far. Hopefully somewhere new though!?
  • 27: Around this age, I want to go back to school for MBA. I really want to go to Columbia now because it's an amazing school and will open up opportunities for me to join Finance. Screw NYU because you know why lol!
  • 30: Once I'm done with the program, I dearly want to work in a high finance field. Joining a successful hedge fund with AUM>$3B as an analyst would be really nice. I think long/short equity is a very interesting field of finance because you get to do your own analysis and see whether you've done a good job or not. If you've done a good job, you get rewarded tremendously. If you hadn't, sucks for you. I know it's extremely hard to break into so a lot of things need to be done for that to happen. 
  • 35: Between 30 and 35 (actually from today to 35) I must have dated a lot of women hahaha! But after 30, things become more serious. I want to date a girl that I'll marry for a couple of years before I decide that I'm going to get married because you do have to know that person in and out as you are making one of the biggest life choices. I've been telling myself and other people I won't get married before 35. But when I talked to another friend today, she told me that she can definitely see herself being married in 3 years. That was shocking, but I still don't want to get married too early. And hopefully she's a sexy/pretty/cute career woman who's very capable. Then before we get too old, we'll get two babies. One boy, one girl. I have a name for a girl - she'll be 은하 (means the galaxy) as my name means the Sun.  I have no clue about boy's name. I thought about 혜성 (a comet) but a comet usually passes by and never comes back so I wonder if it's truly the best name for my beloved child...!? Anyways, then I'll have to buy a house so I'll have to do that. Then I'll need to get a car since it's family time. My one dream has been to get a Porsche by age 30. I realize that if I live in NYC, there's absolutely no need to get a car. But with kids, you have to and let's say I'll have enough money to get a Porsche.
  • 40: So a lot of things happened ~35. I'll still be working in Finance and will have accumulated a lot of wealth... hopefully. When a rich man gets bored, what does he do? He gets a new toy. Rich man's toy is a yacht. Imagine being on a yacht on Hudson River (is that legal?). That'd be pretty dope.
  • 45: I'll still be working, but it's time to think about what I want to do for the rest of my life. Hopefully my wife and I can get a building or build some other forms of passive income so that we don't have to worry about money at that point. Then we can do what we've always wanted to do, such as starting a cafe! It think it would be a nice challenge that could foster our bonds/teamwork. We'll also have to pay for kids' school, so it better be a success.
  • 50: I'm done with everything, making coffee gets boring after a while. I'll start playing golf and travel around the world. What a life it'd be!?

So there goes my life plan. Apparently, after 35 it's half my expectation and half wishful thinking. I know that with kids, everything changes. literally everything. Your priorities, hobbies, activities, leisures, thoughts... 

I'm honestly grateful that I have all this time and energy to daydream/imagine what my life's going to be. I do think it's a privilege, something that'll disappear in a blink of an eye. When the party's over and lights are on, the reality kicks in. I think once kids are born, that'll be that. But till then I'll have to enjoy the party when there are no worries and no responsibilities that slap you in the face left and right.


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