15 minutes before lunch break

11:45 is the trickiest time on Earth. 

It's too late to start working on something because lunch break is right around the corner (I'm not mandated to eat during 12-1 but I find that time slot most ideal). 

It's too much time to check email and complete your tasks. What if I'm done with everything in 5 minutes? OMG I'm going to have 10 more minutes of the void! #doomsdayscenario

So I'm going to write some good things that happened recently.

  1. Started running: my mom told me I don't have the jawline anymore. This came as a shock to me so I decided to do some cardio. There's nothing more effective than running when you want to get rid of fat I guess.
  2. Started reading data visualization books: I have to make lots of tables and charts using Excel and Powerpoint and I wanted to get some guidance on making nice charts. Not a lot of people seem to be able to do that (I'm still one of them). I think it is these small things that can make a difference later on. So I bought three, read two. Maybe I'll talk about these later.
  3. I'm wrapping up my corporate finance textbook that was 1000 pages long. I'm around 900, although I have to review in order to really understand the material. Fortunately, some terms I see on quarterly reports are somewhat familiar now.
  4. I'm going to go to NYC this weekend with my mom! yay!

Well, this all took 5 minutes, I have 10 more minutes before I go to the gym and get lunch after. Till then, see you later!

Taeyang You