Work work work work work

It's been a tiny bit over a year and a half since I started working. During this time, I've learned a lot of stuff - about the company, industry, people and myself. 

It's was a continuum of seemingly unrelated events that led me to start working at my current company.

  1. To be honest, I don't know how I applied to an internship position at Intelsat. But I applied for one position, wasn't a good fit, so Erica (HR lady) recommended me that I apply to another position called "Innovation Intern". It was literally the only positive response I got so I thanked her and applied. The interview went well and for the first time, I got a job at a place that's not owned by Korean and that is not a restaurant. I finally get to work while sitting.
  2. Time passes, I needed to graduate, so I applied to a bunch of longshot companies that had nothing to do with me and my major and experience so far, so I didn't get any response this time either. A recruiter from my current company contacted me telling me that there's a position open. Applied, had a skype interview with my current boss for an hour. I got the job. The job came to me. I still think this is a very very lucky case for a kid fresh out of college.
  3. I've been working at a group called Strategy and Planning. It's almost like an internal consulting (as much as I hate this term, it represents my function fairly well). I've been involved with satellite redeployments and other small stuff. 

After being in the same group for a year and a half, I noticed that my work has been a little bit repetitive when I want something more dynamic and challenging. For other people, this might seem like an absolutely worthless nagging by a lucky kid who doesn't realize how fortunate he is. That could be partially true, but right now I want to learn more about the industry and build skills that can open further opportunities. 

I realized that my job now has become more of a internal data maintenance position where I have to keep the integrity of different data which is not what I want to do. At the same time I've been increasingly more involved with terrestrial network which unfortunately doesn't interest me all that much. 

And recently, there was a position that opened up in another group which seems interesting. A lot of things I do there seem to be transferrable to other positions (which eventually would allow me to experience other locations and industry). But making a lateral move where I have to see my current manager and coworkers everyday isn't an easy decision so I've been thinking a lot. 

Also, I realized that I haven't done my best in my current position partly due to my lack of interest, but mainly due to my attitude (I didn't realize this). So before I make any move I have to make myself more indispensable so that if and when the time comes, my current team would be very unwilling to let me go.

Borrowing the phrase from a 9 year old who visited our family two days ago, "yeah the future sucks...!"


Taeyang You