Next destination: DC, LA or NYC?

So it's been almost 10 years since I came to America and during all these years, it's crazy how I've only lived in the East Coast! Well actually I lived in Wisconsin for 4.5 years, but does that really count...? haha. You either live in the West Coast or the East Coast.

So during work, I was contemplating what my next destination should be. Three cities I want to go are the following (in order of my preference): LA, NYC, DC.

Each city has its own pros and cons so let me think out loud here and share my thoughts on each.



  • I'll finally get to live on the West Coast, where it never rains and the weather is always always great, to the point that people get lazy due to supreme weather. I mean, really? I spent 4 years of my precious life in Ithaca, NY. I at least need to be compensated for that.
  • Koreatown! Diversity! When I visited L.A a few months ago, I was blown away by how big the Ktown is and how diverse the selection of restaurants and other amenities were. Mainly driven by a fierce competition, everywhere I go, the food tasted so good. Supply and demand proven. The invisible hand proven. Good bye.
  • In addition to the food scene, there's apparently lots of pretty Korean girls... Being a healthy, straight twenty-something male, where else could be better?


  • I'm currently living on the East Coast. This should be illegalized. I live too far away which limits my exposure to the job market. Even if I ever get an interview, I have to fly back and forth. If I don't make it after that interview, does it mean I have to repeat the process all over? ugh.
  • I'll get to live by myself (which is good), but I'll also be pretty far away from my family. I see living with my family, not as a proof of my incompetence, but a rare opportunity that some people get to enjoy (well, assuming I have a job and I luckily do).



  • It's always been my dream to live in NYC once in a lifetime. The presence of tall skyscrapers and the flood of energetic people (could not be. I realized this after I started working) always excites me.
  • There are so many people, so many places (that's open late), and you could walk anywhere. I also didn't realize that being able to walk on your to feet to another destination is a perk, not a hassle.
  • It's NYC. I don't have to add further really.


  • The cost of living is insanely high. I just can't believe that's the case, especially the parts I want to live in. I can't imagine spending 1+ paycheck solely for living and it's not like I'll be living in a luxury highrise condo with a patio overlooking Central Park. No, I'll be living in a shit hole with 7 other guys. 
  • Maybe, as a distant possibility, I might get sick of the city. I heard some people get tired by the craziness of the city. Yeah, when you fit in too many people in too small space, somethings are not going to work as usual.



  • It still has the city vibe that NYC and LA has and I don't have to commit a huge part of my life to relocate. Also, my parents and friends are going to be nearby which is great. Everywhere else I go I have to start over from scratch. My dad also works in DC, so I might be able to charge rent!!!
  • I have connections here, so finding a job might not be as difficult as finding a place to work in LA or NYC. 


  • It's DC not LA or NYC. But some people would choose DC over any other place, so I just can't conclude that this'll always be the case. At least it's a city, not a suburbs you know.
  • Still a very high cost of living. It may not be as high as NYC, but it's comparable to, if not worse than LA. Given that, DC has less benefits for me so this is something I have to take into consideration.

So I need to make a decision soon. I think most logically, DC would be the place since I'll be able to find an opportunity relatively easily (it won't ever be easy, but at least I don't have to travel much). I'll also get city life experience I wanted to get since DC is a pretty big city. I mean, it's the capital of U.S But again, I also want to start from somewhere completly new. At this point in my life, I feel like I should be seeking challenge more than comfrot. So, this problem will be a TBC one...



Taeyang You