2017 Year in Review

Today is Dec 30th, 2nd last day of 2017. 

I personally feel like 2017 has zoomed by. A lot of things happened for sure but it feels so short. Sometimes I forget that certain events took place in 2017. 

So I'd like to review some things that happened this year and at the same time, use this as a chance to reflect upon myself. 


Big activities that took place


  1. Promotion: 20% bump in my salary. Heck yes, I'll take that
  2. Went to Latin America for the first time: Peru, Chile, pretty cool experience
  3. Went to the West Coast (the best coast!?) for the first time: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Totally different vibes than East Coast cities.
  4. Started studying for the GMAT: Took the exam once, but need to work more on that in 2018... fml!


Major Accomplishments


  1. Finally realized that I may be wrong on a lot of things after all: human beings can't see things out of their head, and I've always undermined other people's opinions. I learned that being very biased toward your opinions is very dangerous and harms your personality. This has been a very humble experience.
  2. Less nagging, more complimenting: As a jovial person in general, I like cracking jokes. But a lot of times, they involved nagging people - pointing out funny things in a sarcastic manner. However, I learned that jokes that raise other people up actually lighten the mood better and more "organically". And that makes you look like a great person. So from 2018, I'm going to try to make jokes that are either "neutral" or "positive", no more "negative"
  3. Discovered a lot of "flaws" in my personality: This kind of ties back to #1 and #2, but in general, I learned that I have lots of areas to improve. Not that I don' t like my personality, but I think it could be smoothened and I can be more understanding.
  4. Reduced social media: Deactivated Facebook and Instagram for most, although this time of the year, I'm bored and am using it actively. It gets addictive really fast. A good thing about social media fasting is that I stop comparing myself to other people and feel depressed. 


Areas to work on


  1. Procrastination: I'm pretty sure this will be an obstacle for eternity, but I found myself ducking difficult things even at work. I'm especially good at putting things off and hypnotizing myself that tomorrow (or any other time) will be better. I find this very toxic to my life whether it's work related or academic related. 
  2. Focus: Throughout my life, I've always treated time as an infinite resource. Consequently, I take the full time allocated in completing a task. I'll probably take 2 hours to pick up a piece of paper on the floor if I'm given that much time, instead of doing that in 20 seconds and using the remainder of my time for other endeavors. I would like to work on this by using the mix of soft/hard deadlines, imposed by myself.
  3. Not keeping tabs on friends: For this one, I'm going to make an excuse (although not justified). Since I've never been materially rich (is that even possible?), I've always been keeping tabs so that I don't incur any losses. Everything was calculated and I didn't want to be on the wrong side of the equation. But since I make money, I want to be on the other side from now. I want to be more benevolent and worry less about money. Instead I want to value friendship and cherish the time I get to spend with them.
  4. Fitness: Although I've been working out more regularly, I for the first time want to have abs! It doesn't have to be really sharp. I'm not trying to be a cover model for men's fitness. But I want to shred some fat so that I look better in general. I believe appearance has a huge impact on how I perceive of myself and now that I'm getting older, why not take a better care of myself? It is not a choice. It's mandatory!


Going Forward


I don't think just because a digit has changed from 2017 to 2018, things will happen magically. I need to make conscious effort in order to break away from homeostasis. 

What I learned from physics was right. It takes a lot of work to bring my potentials out. I'm currently at the "chain" part of this picture. If I don't hustle, my trolley won't go as high, and the rider will be mediocre. Who likes a rollercoaster that's not thrilling? 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.38.27 PM.png

Fortunately, 2017 has been one heck of a ride. 

But I want 2018 to be even better and rest assured, it will be!

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