Hope for the best

My parents who went to Korea for about a month, were supposed to return by tomorrow. However, mom called me yesterday and told me that there were some irregularities from the diagnosis dad had.

He's always had a chronic liver problem so I think they just wanted to make sure everything is fine before they leave the country. But the result was kind of shocking. Everything was out of the normal range and one particular indicator - AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein) - which is a maker for HCC (Hepatocellular carcinoma), or what we know as liver cancer, was really high. 

He's going to get a CT taken today and we'll have to see what the real issue is.

I spent a good chunk of my day Googling to gather more information. During this process, I had lots of emotional ups and downs. When I found information saying this level is indicative of liver cancer,  my heart sank. But when I found out that early stage of liver cancer can be "cured" by retracting (cutting out) the infected part or transplanting a healthy liver, I was relieved. And then I'd find another bad information which soon followed by something relieving. 

I really don't know what the reality is, and somewhere along the serach, I learned that the history is very important for an accurate diagnosis so I decided to call 4 different hospitals that he had previously been to and asked for the results. Fortunately, the past results were within the normal range. Even the AFP level was around 10 which made me feel better, but the fact that his current level is so drastically different is still very worrisome. 

I realize that I'm so powerless when a situation that's so touch comes to my hand. There's nothing I can do but just hope for the best. 

Mom and dad are going to see a doctor in about an hour to take a CT and I really wish our family a good luck.

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