Self-Imposed Forcing Mechanism

Humans are weak by nature.

I know this for a fact (at least for myself) because the way I behave is largely guided by the environment I'm in. 

For instance, I promised myself that I'd take the GMAT one day, and I never even bothered to look at the books. They cost $100. It didn't really matter to me as I successfully prioritized a million other things over studying for the exam. 

And then a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and signed up for the exam. The exam is on 11/25 which is less than a month away. I finally started studying (hard). I wouldn't have ever stayed at work until 11 to study for the GMAT hadn't I signed up for the exam (or spending my entire weekend studying...)

A similar thing happened to Centreville Buddies. It was a small organization I wanted to make with my friends in order to help out high school students. I started having regular meetings from end August but never formally launched a program, let alone a website. 

To be honest with you, I was a little intimidated and nervous. But two days ago, I finally paid for the website and spent $144. With that, I got a domain (www.centrevillebuddies.com) and will start advertising on Facebook.

So a small lesson for me is, I have to impose a deadline for me to start taking actions. I'm not impeccable just like any other human beings and I believe it's the discipline/deadline that guides us through fuzzy times.

Taeyang YouComment