Studying for the GMAT

Is really gruelling. 

I thought I would be able to get a high score without studying much. After all, I studied Physics and made through it with good grades and have been a lot here and there. 

But I finally accepted that I'm going to suck at GMAT without studying A LOT. I do mean that from yesterday. I have to focus, A LOT.

So I spent a majority of yesterday and today just solving math. Even the math section has been quite challenging because I was making lots of simple mistakes and have been brain fried after spending a few hours on this only. 

This so far, has been a humbling experience, and a good reality check. It reminds me that I need to commit to one thing and just beat it until I can't anymore.My exam is about a month away from today (11/25). I really don't want to regret after taking the exam. It shows the score right there. I don't want to see a disappointing score and feel like crap because I've purposefully signed up for the exam right before my birthday. It's meant to be a gift to myself!!!

And I dread to take another exam and to go through this all over again...!

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