One of my favorite blog went down - Slightly Disappointed

There was a blog that used to follow. I stumbled upon it by looking up information about the GMAT.

It was a blog written by a Korean female blogger. She wrote about her times as a flight attendant, as a project manager at a F500 company and finally as a MBA candidate at one of the Ivy League institutes. 

The last part was especially memorable to me because she was almost documenting her day to day journey at MBA and she seemed so happy. In almost every post, she was saying how grateful she is to be in a community full of helpful and understanding people. 

In a sense, it was almost like my blog where she shares her ideas, motivates herself by writing up her goals and dreams. A place to park your thoughts.

Except she had lots of visitors and I had a few. 

But recently, there was a post she left saying "Please don't spread my blogs to fellow Korean MBA students!". She wanted to keep it "private", meaning private from people she interact on a day to day basis.

I sort of understand that. It's might be tricky/sensitive to express exactly what you have in mind on your web if your acquaintances are reading about it because of cultural reasons. She was also saying that when a female expresses her ideas openly (in Korean society) she normally becomes a victim of others - which is a sad reality. Less so in America, but it isn't always an exception.

Eventually she closed down the entire blog. 

I wished that she would persevere the burden. The social and psychological pressure, all the eyes looking at her, because what she was doing was right. 

It's unfortunate to see that doing the right thing (after all it shouldn't really matter at all) could be socially pressuring. 

On that note, I feel like I could have a similar dilemma. 

Once friends start finding about the blog, they are going to read what's in my mind. Maybe they'll agree. Almost certainly, many will disagree. Perhaps, I could one day a victim of gossips. 

Good thing is that I really can't care enough, especially when these people aren't adding much value to this society/our social circle. 

If all they have to do is say "why is he trying so hard?" I don't think there's any point of refuting that comment

So this is a reminder for myself to not give up easily, be more persistent when the time comes. 

Plus it would be a bonus if I can take the advantage of that traffic and drive up ad revenue haha! I think that'd be the winning strategy. 

On a side note, I wrote about the importance of following up. I'm personally witnessing the power of it as I was able to talk to a Managing Director of a very famous hedge fund in Hong Kong. He gave me a very good advice and as a result, I feel like I know where to be headed.

(I'm actually about to send him another email asking for a referral after writing him a thank you note, but yeah I have to do what it takes!)

Out of about 30 people I've contacted, he was the only person that I could actually talk to. But I've gotten a few emails, so I'd say the success ratio hasn't been all that bad.

So as I start looking for the next destination in my life, I have to brace myself for a lot more frustration, No's and negative thinking. It's really sad to see one of my favorite internet stops to vanish but I will take that as a good example of what I should do differently.)

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