S1 pilot - Intro


A lot of people might wonder what Project #val_prop is. To complete strangers and all my friends too, it is natural to have no clue. The root of this is a business term called 'Value Proposition'. If you look this word up in a dictionary, you get the following.

val·ue prop·o·si·tion [n]

(in marketing) an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.

The term was first used by me when I was going on a trip to Ithaca with my friend Anthony. Ever since we were high schoolers, we used to make very very nerdy jokes that incorporate at least one vocabulary from any academic field, and this time, 'value proposition' caught on. So there's absolutely no logical explanation of why I decided to name my project this, other than this story. 

Anyways... growing up, I've always liked coming up with a new startup idea or ways to improve current businesses. This hasn't yet led me to start a company yet, but I've had a bunch of ideas that were completely dumb, or some ideas that could have been viable. Project #val_prop is a space for me to share these ideas and if I'm lucky, hear feedback from other people. I'm going to start with small businesses since they are fairly easy to understand what's going on, and some "solutions" that can help them out. 

And hopefully, later on, I can talk about some startup ideas that I can start. I mean who knows! Everything has been impossible until it's done the first time, so we'll see what happens here too!


Taeyang You