S1 ep.2 - Me

Before I write about other businesses to flip, I think I should also write about ways to flip me, some ways to get the best out of me. If I improve small businesses I obviously should know how to make myself better as well.


So here is Tae. As a 24-year-old person who's going through a transition period of going from a boy to a man, Tae has a long way to go. Currently, Tae is working at a satellite company, making a decent living wage. Having a degree in Physics and Communications from a state college with a good GPA (3.7/4), Tae was lucky enough to land a job in Strategy group at the company. It is an excellent group to start his career as he can gain a top level understanding of the industry and the company at the same time. 


Although he is okay at where he is, he wants to step outside of his comfort zone and gain some experiences in different fields/industry. Working at his current group, he learned a lot about how businesses are done in this industry. At this point, he's fully ramped up for his day to day task at his current company. However, he doesn't have enough transferable skills to be able to work somewhere else at the current pace/momentum. So, it is essential for him to develop those skills.


So he goes to career sites as well as companies he is interested in working at looks at some positions and their requirements. He'd like to continue work in Strategy group as he enjoys thinking at top level and coming up with creative plans. Typical strategy jobs at companies seem to require the following criteria

  • Background in quantitative field
    • Tae has a degree in Physics, so he's good for this one
    • Further experience in Strategy group seems to be a nice asset
  • Analytical skills
    • Excel: Tae has heavily used Excel at his current company and enjoys using the software a lot. He's very adept at using the tool and leveraging knowledge on web on things he doesn't know yet.
    • Powerpoint: Along with Excel, he has used Powerpoint a lot to create visually appealing slides to convey ideas and plans. 
    • MySQL: One of key tools to retrieve data from data warehouse. Tae doesn't have hands on experience using MySQL at his current position, so he's taking courses from Coursera and Youtube to fill in the gap
    • Tableau: Along with Excel, a key tool to visualize data. This is very similar to Pivot Tables in Excel so Tae doesn't have much problem using it, although he doesn't use the tool directly from his current job. Similar to MySQL, he is taking online courses to get more familiar with it.

So it seems like Tae has to learn how to use two important tools - MySQL and Tableau to fulfill requirements for positions at different companies. These skills are transferable so he would be able to have some flexibility in the job market later on.

However, Tae needs to learn even more to distinguish himself from other candidates. He plans to get a joint JD/MBA degree after he gains a few years of experience. But before he goes to school he needs to develop more skills if he wishes to stay in Strategy group. They include:

  •  Further Data Analysis skills: the tools mentioned above are enough for Data Analyst roles, but to progress further to be a Data Scientist, he needs to learn how to use Python and libraries from Python as well as Machine Learning. Although this stage is yet to come, he found a website called "Data Quest" that teaches data analytics skills. He plans to start with a module for <Data Analyst> and then move on to <Data Scientist> to further 'upgrade' his knowledge
  • Presentation skills: Ta doesn't have enough presentation experiences as he was a first year associate at the company, preparing decks and excel models for his manager who then used them to present. Recently, Tae's been gaining some opportunities to present to 'higher ups' and he needs to do this continuously to gain more exposure.
  • Leadership: Although Tae has been actively taking courses to fill in gaps in his knowledge, he hasn't been actively involved in extra-curricular activities with other people. Tae needs to join a group and volunteer to take the lead in some function so that he can gain some leadership experience. 


So far, I have laid out a game plan for Tae. One crucial thing he needs to have is perseverance to follow through the plan. Although it will be challenging to take courses after a long day at work, he needs to spend time continuously and track them to see the progress. Fortunately, he has been keeping a timesheet that tracks different activities every day. I suggest Tae to spend at least an hour and a half taking courses every day. It'll be a challenging goal, but it is definitely a doable goal for his career!


Taeyang You