GMAT Diary #13 - The Journey Continues


But the journey continues. I ended up getting 700 with Q48 and V37

Some thoughts:

  1. Need to change how I study: I'm not lacking fundamentals, but I don't think I'm understanding why the correct answer is right. Then without having this depth of knowledge, I run into same troubles over and over with other problems. This results in wasted time and efforts.
  2. Quantity over Quality: On a similar note to #1, I need to stop obsessing over the number of problems. Instead, I should delve deeper into one, and apply the same concept across multiple different types
  3. Focus: I feel like I'm rushing through the process. The result will come. I just have to grind through more problems.

I think at this point, I'm sort of scared of failing. It already cost me $500, and despite all this time, I've only seen 20 point improvement. So I'm going to give myself one more chance, and if I don't get it the next time, I'll have to think more about myself. Hopefully, that doesn't happen at all. But for now, I'm going to take a little break from studying at least for a few days...

Till then.


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