GMAT Diary #9 - Picking up the pace

After the grand holiday season from Christmas to New Years when I completely let go of studying, I lost my GMATian rhythm and became a dumb person all over again. 

In order to put the period to this never-ending agony, I bit the bullet and signed up for an exam on 31st of January...

Consequently, I had to go to work today to study. Today I was still working on Advanced Quant by Manhattan Prep. This book is a collection of 700-800 level questions, and it has been frying my brain ever since. The questions I see there require more thinking and I've been learning a lot and struggling a lot thanks to the book.

Here are some thoughts/improvements/areas that need improvement.

  1. Got rid of YouTube app on my phone. It's a wonder how much time I can not waste wandering exploring the universe of useless videos. Now that I don't have the app, I don't bother to go to YouTube using my phone because it's slow and laggy when you watch from your phone browser. I guess some discipline helps!
  2. Muted my phone.  I've recently disabled a function on my phone that displays red notification symbol on the iMessage & Kakao app. Being a very OCD person I am, I always feel like I have this important mission to remove all the notification I see and this introduces a lot of distraction for me.
  3. Reduced attention span: As a result of unending phone usage over the holiday season, my attention span has been reduced, and I find myself craving for mini-stimulation. I open a gallery app, Chrome, messengers when I'm tired of studying and it is so hard not to! I need to work on getting less distracted.

I think I'm making some progress on advanced problems. I can sort of see what potential traps might be, although I'm not deciphering everything. I'm still getting a lot of questions wrong, but as strange as it sounds I find this mental stimulation a bit interesting...

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