GMAT Diary #10 - D-3

Three days left till Wednesday


I was dreading to take another practice exam because it requires 150 minutes of undisturbed concentration and I didn't want to see the result if it is bad. 

But I had to do what I had to do. 

So today I woke up around 1 (lol), went to a nearby public library and jumped right in, hoping for a higher score


I ended up getting 710 with Q48 and V39. The fact that I got Q48 still annoys me I got ~10 wrong, but most of them were simple, silly and stupid mistakes. I was able to get them right on the second try. I really need to prevent this from happening on the real exam. I feel like CAT aspect of this exam is bothering me subconsciously. I feel pressured to get everything right, which in turn, ironically, makes me nervous and results in more mistakes.

Until Wednesday

710 is both good and bad. 

It is bad because it's a very good indicator of what I'm going to get on the exam day.

On the other hand, it is good because I made a bunch of mistakes, and If I were to not make them, I could go for an upside scenario. 

My goal for the official exam is to get Q50 and V40 (740). 

As much as I hate this cliche, I need to keep calm and slay the GMAT.

To be udpated soon...

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