GMAT Diary #8 - 2018

Hello, it's 2018! Happy New Year to everybody.

As I've mentioned earlier, I realized that I'm a very passive person and I don't study my ass off unless there's a hard deadline. Since the first exam, I've been on and off, and during the Christmas season to New Years, I let it go completely. 

At this pace, I'll never be able to get the score I want. Unfortunately, I can guarantee you that it'll be the case. I know guarantee is a strong word, but yeah, it's just not gonna happen.

So, I signed for the 2nd exam! It's going to be on the 31st. 

The rationale behind this is that the GMAT is one of my milestones for the year, and if I can get over this before the very first month of the year is over, I'm going to feel great about myself.

And I have 30 days left until the exam, so I've finally managed to set up a hard deadline. I plan to go all out during this period. 

So stay tuned and I'll try to provide an update intermittently...!

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