GMAT Diary #7 - Big Picture Thinking

One of the things that I learned while I'm studying for the GMAT is that looking at the big picture is very important. Everybody has heard about this and knows this. I took it for granted, but I soon realized that I don't have that ability quite yet. Instead, I found myself just diving into the problem without thinking too much.

For easy problems, I can get the answers fairly easily. However, when it comes to hard problems I end up exerting all my energy and get stuck because the problem won't be solved with straight calculation. Rather really hard problems require some manuever or clever tricks. After you've gone over that hurdle, it becomes a simple calculation. Sometimes, you don't even have to calculate.

What was surprising was that I had this tendency in other parts of my life, especially at work. Once I'm assigned a task, I charge right into it like an excited dog that just heard the bell ring. More often than not, I don't quite grasp what I'm doing in the middle, or even once I'm done with the task because I didn't bother to think about it. I mean... how is this even possible?

With this, I've been trying to think more. As funny as it sounds, this has been quite challenging. I came to believe it won't be done unless I consciously exert my mental energy to take a few steps back and to understand moving pieces. Yeah, the process may take a bit more time, but I think it is essential to have a big picture understanding of what I'm doing.

Christmas is coming and I enjoy well-decorated Christmas trees with beautiful ornaments, but not to the point that I would want to miss the forest for the trees!


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