GMAT Diary #6 - Making Some Progress / Slack

Last time, I wrote about trying out 3 new books in order to augment my weaknesses in certain areas (well basically all areas). As of now, I've been through 2 books - Powerscore Critical Reasoning Bible and Sentence Correction Bible.

These books are very thorough in explaining concepts and some example problems. I wish I had read these as I started out so that I didn't have to crunch through OG problems having no clue. 

My plan is to review these and then work on the problems that I've gotten wrong in OG. I've done this with CR and a downside is that I ended up memorizing a lot of answer choices, so I can't precisely assess how instrumental Powerscore references have been in improving my problem-solving skills.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start working on the last of 3 - Advanced Quantitative by Manhattan GMAT Prep. This is a key step for me because I have a general understanding of GMAT math, I always get the hard problems wrong. According to Amazon reviews, this book will teach how to tackle difficult problems without getting intimidated. Some people have seen 4 point boost in Quant, which is what I exactly need.

So I'm looking forward to going through the book.

One thing is that since I haven't signed up for the exam, I'm slowly getting distracted and lazy. I wonder if I need to sign up so that I can pick up the slack. And the answer, unfortunately, is probably yes I have to sign up.

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