GMAT Diary #1 - First Exam

Beginning of the (hopefully not that long) series.

It's been about 3 weeks? since I started studying intensively for the GMAT. That means spending all my weekday and weekend studying for the test. This weekend, I went to work both Saturday and Sunday to study, from 2 to 10 (but it doesn't mean I've been cranking the whole time of course). 

And today, I took my first practice exam. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 11.55.41 PM.png


The result, although not 100% satisfactory was better than what I thought. 

If my memory serves, I started with getting 580 ish on the very first exam. So it's already a good improvement I'm seeing now.



What's totally annoying me is that my Quant score is extremely low. From what I read on different forums, Koreans normally get anywhere between 49-51. Fine 51 may be a little bit challenging, but I need minimum 50 in order to get the score I want (740 ish). After all, I studied Physics in college. Yes, I "hacked" most of my way through the degree but still, I studied some stuff that's really hard... It's Physics!!! 

So, while the score I have is disappointing, it's assuring me at the same time. This means that if I raise up my Quant score which would be doable, there's a chance to improve my score further. 


I got 37, which is 83th percentile. This is better than what I used to get. I think the main driver was the fact that I studied CR (Critical Reasoning) over the weekend and started to get some grasp on concepts. But I still got a lot wrong, so there's more work that needs to be done..

RC (Reading Comprehension) turned out to be quite well which is relieving. I attribute this to reading a bunch recently so that helped.


One thing that I learned from today's exam is that the time and effort you put in is almost directly manifested by the score you get, so it's a great reminder for me to push myself further, till the exam date! 

I plan to take a practice exam once a day each weekend, so the blog will eventually have more scores and will show what kind of progress I'm making. 

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