GMAT Diary #5 - Positive Thinking

Although I was very frustrated on Saturday, I'm actually starting to feel better now. This came with 2 changes.

  1. I figured out what to do and how I could improve my scores
  2. I realized given that it's my first attempt, the result was not really that bad.

Game Plan

Alright so here's the game plan. After taking a bunch of MGMAT CAT, I realized that I failed to get questions that's over 750 level right. Unless I get these right, my score won't likely improve. 

But at the same time, it also means that I have right fundamentals (to score relatively easier ones). I have to work on more challenging problems and learn how to solve those problems and think that way.

So I browsed the internet and found some resources and made purchases. 

  1. Quant: I'm going to work on MGMT advanced quant. Once I feel more confident about difficult problems, I'm going to solve Gmat Club Math problems which are apparently really challenging. But I read that people were able to go from high 40's to 50s eventually, thanks to those problem sets.
  2. Verbal: I bought Powerscore CR and SC. I've heard very good things about these references. Apparently, they are very well known for LSAT books, and since LSAT is similar to GMAT except it's much more difficult, I think these books will provide me some helpful insights. Additionally, I'm going to review MGMT SC once or twice. 
  3. 30 day GMAT plan: I really don't know much about this book but it seems like some people have benefited from following this plan, so we'll see what good it does for me.


Increasingly, I'm seeing GMAT not as an obstacle but as a conquerable object as long as I have a right plan and dedication. It also feels like one thing that I need to succeed if I were to do anything meaningful in my life (i.e., if I fail at this, what else am I going to do exceptionally?). Although this logic may be flawed, it keeps me at the right frustration level that I bite the bullet and study. 


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