GMAT Diary #4 - Exam Result (There's no miracle)

So I finally took the exam on Saturday, 11/25. For that, I sacrificed my Thanksgiving break and came to work to study since I knew for sure that if I had stayed at home, nothing would've been done.

After 3 hours of an intense exam, I got my result almost instantaneously, and I had to cancel the score in 3 seconds. It was so disappointing and frustrating.


My score was 680 (aka not going anywhere) with

  1. Quant: 47 (what the hell)
  2. Verbal: 37 (meh)
  3. IR: 7 (out of 8 which is surprising because I did not prepare at all for this)


I heard that there's a phrase that goes like "You can't treat a fever with a thermostat". What this means is that unless you correct the underlying cause of something, this symptom won't go away. In other words, unless you are ready and prepared to earn that score, you aren't going to get it. 

This was exactly my situation. In fact, I've been getting the same score over and over and over again, to the point that it's almost miraculous that I took the exam, instead of postponing it.

So far I've taken about 8 exams and throughout all 8, my quant range was 44-48 and verbal was 34-37. In this perspective, the score I got was actually on the better side. It's just that I had this high, groundless expectation and somehow that I earned that score, miraculously. 

But this experience reminds me again that there's no miracle. The score reflects my preparedness and understanding of the exam, and if I've constantly earned the same score, I'm not going to earn a higher score on the real thing all the sudden. Don't ever think of an upside scenario!

From now on

For a few days, I'm going to stay away from studying in order to prevent myself hating this exam and my life so much. So I'm going to give it a few days, let my mind think of something else. 

But starting mid next week, I'm going to review my fundamentals. Reflecting upon my experience so far, I had a tendency to skip difficult questions hoping that it won't show up on the exam. But I realize how stupid that was. I should stop seeking an easier way around.

I guess one good thing is that this diary will continue for my dear readers...


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