GMAT Diary #3 - Grammar Bee

When I was studying for the SAT, there was one thing that I actually learn: how to write grammatically correct sentences. Although I make plenty mistakes even today, it would have been a lot worse without the knowledge gained from studying the writing section. 

I thought I had a "thorough" understanding of English grammar after studying for the SAT for a year. haha! I was totally wrong. 

GMAT verbal section has shown me that my knowledge of sentence structure or just in general English grammar is lacking to nearly non-existent. As I study more, I'm becoming more convinced that the "best" and the most "elegant" sentence is nothing but a concise one that communicates the meaning without confusion.

And that my usage of which/where has been completely wrong, 99% of the time. Just plain wrong.

So to think more positively, I'm glad that studying for the GMAT is beneficial for my life at least in one way...

If there's another, I can at least partially understand what working at investment banking would feel like, although to a lesser extent. Going to work around 9 and coming back at home at 12 is mentally and physically challenging. All I can think of when I get back home is to grab a beer and then go to bed (I think this sentence is written wrong, but eh, whatever). I'm already tired with this, and  I can't imagine doing that for a few years... So it's guiding me to the right career path I guess lol!

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