GMAT Diary #2 - D-10

Good news: my dad doesn't have any health issues. 

Anyways, GMAT is about 10 days away.

I've been making an okay progress, but my score has been swaying. 

On the second MGMAT test, I got 650 (Q44, V37)

On the third one, I scored 680 (Q46, V37).

But throughout these 3 exams, my verbal score has been constant which worries me a lot. But the good news is that I'm finally starting to understand how CR works. Well, partially. At the same time, I've been doing a lot of Sentence Correction problems, and I'm seeing some common pitfalls that I get tricked into.

On the quant side, I figured out some problems I get wrong all the time. So I'll have to review these problems and learn not to repeat the same mistake again. I still have a little bit more time left, so hopefully I can make a progress and get a higher score this weekend.

I really want to be done with this in my first attempt so time to get crankin`.

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